Curb Repairs

Curb Repairs

Concrete Repair Services

Concrete Repair Services offered: Crack Filling Curb Repair Spall Repair Expansion Joint Caulking Tilt Wall Repairs Floor Patching Freezer Floor Repairs Concrete Grinding Sealant Replacements Power Washing Pavement Markings Urethan Injections Epoxy Injections

Property Management Services

Property Management Services Offered: Tilt Wall Repair Concrete Removal & Replacement Parking Lot Repairs Curb Repairs Industrial Floor Repairs ADA Compliance Trip Hazard Removal Surface Crack Repair Overlays Moisture Control Systems Concrete Sealers & Densifiers Industrial Coatings Pipe Bollards Repair & Replacement Industrial Floor Cleaning Joint Repair & Sealant Replacement

Concrete Surface Preparation

Concrete surface preparation methods offered:   Shot Blasting Concrete Grinding Concrete Shaving Concrete Sealing Spalled Concrete & Joint Repair Industrial Floor Cleaning Surface Crack Repair Coating Removal Floor Covering Removal Striping Removal

Epoxy Coating Installation

Job Site: Industrial Warehouse (Burleson, TX) Repair Scenario: Installed High Performance Epoxy Coating System Description: The customer requested an aesthetically pleasing, high performance epoxy coating system that would stand up to the demands of heavy-duty industrial equipment and various chemical components. After a brief visit to the site, TCR elected to use Armor Seal 650SL Epoxy

Custom Garage Floor Coating

Job Site: Residential Garage – (University Park) Repair Scenario: Installed High Performance Custom Garage Floor Coating System Description: This particular garage had several layers of concrete toppings that had been added to the original slab over the years. The toppings were failing in several areas and had to be completely removed before the coating system could

Colt Concrete

Jobsite: Colt Concrete – Self-Leveling Job – Las Colinas,TX   Repair Scenario: Level out existing concrete surface @ exterior dock in garage   Description:  TCR shot blasted the surface to achieve correct surface profile per ICRI Standards. ARDEX EP2000 epoxy primer was applied to the surface followed by a sand broadcast to point of rejection.

Encana Oil

Jobsite: Encana Oil Mailroom (Dallas,TX) Repair Scenario:  Achieve high-gloss concrete polish on existing concrete floor that was not protected during construction process. Description:  TCR began by scraping floor with 8” scraper blades to remove all surface contaminants. Cleaned out all control joints and filled with Sherwin Williams Shercrete polyurea joint filler and cut flush with

GE Oil & Gas

Jobsite: GE Oil & Gas  (Alvarado,TX) Repair Scenario: This job had a little bit of everything. Description: We first had to shot blast concrete to remove surface contaminants and prep concrete for an epoxy coating. TCR was also contracted to build an exterior wall that would prevent overspray from reaching surrounding soil. In addition, we