Concrete Pour Back

concrete pour back

Texas Concrete Restoration, Inc specializes in concrete removal and replacement  (concrete pour back) at commercial warehousing facilities and industrial sites. Our approach meets the demands that these types of facilities place on their concrete paving! No job is too big or too small! regardless of whether you have interior concrete repairs or exterior truck court repairs Texas Concrete Restoration, Inc can help!

With the constant heavy traffic loads placed on truck courts at many warehousing & industrial facilities it is crucial to have the correct repair specifications. That is why we go above and beyond your typical industry standard paving specifications to guarantee long-term success.  We pair proper substrate preparation techniques, adequate steel reinforcement, and sufficient concrete thickness to handle the demands placed on your paving for years to come!

If you are facing interior concrete slab issues we can help determine if concrete pour back is an appropriate solution. Texas Concrete Restoration, Inc understands that downtime at your facility hits the bottom line. Regardless of project size, time constraints, or other issues we can offer a customized repair solution to get the job done right!

Let our team of industry experts assist on your next project and experience the Texas Concrete Restoration, Inc difference!