Decorative Concrete

Texas Concrete Restoration, Inc offers a variety of Decorative Concrete Solutions to our customers. Some of the most popular choices are:  Polished Concrete, Decorative Coatings, and Concrete Staining. With so many options the possibilities are endless.  Let the Professionals at Texas Concrete Restoration, Inc guide you through the selection process.


Polished Concretedecorative-concrete polished

Polished concrete is one of the most durable,    cost-effective finishes available and offers many benefits including: aesthetic appeal,  extreme durability and ultra-low maintenance costs.  This eliminates the need to continually replace your flooring.




Decorative Coatingsdecorative-concrete

There are many different types of coatings available. We offer  epoxy and urethane coatings as well as several different broadcast coatings.  Epoxy and Urethane coatings increase the durability of your warehouse floor not to mention, a non-slip component.  




 Concrete Dyes & Stainsdecorative-concrete stained

Concrete dyes & stains are an effective way to add a decorative design element to traditional concrete. With options available for interior and exterior applications and a wide variety of sealers available the possibilities are endless. Concrete dyes are used when a requested color is not available in acid.  This option is very versatile when compared to other concrete staining systems.  Dyes come in a variety of colors, much more than acid stain colors. Acid stains can upgrade ordinary concrete into a work of art giving a custom look that is unique to each floor. 




Let Texas Concrete Restoration, Inc provide a solution that will fit the needs of your commercial or industrial floor. Contact us today to request your on-site assessment and free cost estimate.