Job Site: Residential Garage – (University Park)

Repair Scenario: Installed High Performance Custom Garage Floor Coating System

Description: This particular garage had several layers of concrete toppings that had been added to the original slab over the years. The toppings were failing in several areas and had to be completely removed before the coating system could be applied. After the topping was removed, TCR had to repair all cracks in the slab. This was done by opening up the cracks and installing ARDIFIX crack repair material mixed with sugar sand. After the material cured, we shaved flush with razor knives. The next step was to open up the floor to allow proper adhesion of the coating system. TCR used planetary grinders with 30-50 grit metal bonds to open up the concrete. Hand grinders were used along walls to achieve proper surface profile. Upon completion of the surface preparation, we began installing HP SpartaChip Poly-Aspartic Coating System to the garage floor.