Job Site: Industrial Warehouse (Burleson, TX)

Repair Scenario: Installed High Performance Epoxy Coating System

Description: The customer requested an aesthetically pleasing, high performance epoxy coating system that would stand up to the demands of heavy-duty industrial equipment and various chemical components. After a brief visit to the site, TCR elected to use Armor Seal 650SL Epoxy Coating System because of the durability, chemical resistance, and overall high-build nature of the product. We began by shot-blasting the floor to remove the existing coating and other surface contaminants. After the coating was removed, TCR had to repair well over 1000LF of cracks in the slab prior to installing the coating. We elected to grind the floor after all cracks were repaired to ensure a uniform surface profile throughout the floor. After all surface prep was completed, we installed 1 coat of Armor Seal 33 Primer to the floor. The following day we installed 1 coat of Armor Seal 650SL. After allowing sufficient cure time, the floor was opened up for business.