Decorative Concrete Solutions

Decorative Concrete Solutions

Decorative Concrete Solutions

Texas Concrete Restoration, Inc offers a variety of Decorative Concrete Solutions to our customers. Some of the most popular choices are:  Polished Concrete, Decorative Coatings, and Concrete Staining. With so many options the possibilities are endless.  Let the Professionals at Texas Concrete Restoration, Inc guide you through the selection process.   Polished Concrete Polished concrete

Concrete Moisture Testing

With today’s Fast Track construction process and rapidly changing commercial flooring: adhesives, products and installation methods, moisture testing of the slab is often overlooked.  This creates a demand for certified concrete moisture testing companies. Texas Concrete Restoration has ICRI certified Concrete Slab Moisture Testing Tier 2 technicians to conduct testing and inspection of commercial/residential sites

Industrial Flooring Services

It is important to repair cracked concrete early on. TCR specializes in industrial floor repairs. Many of our customers have large commercial or industrial facilities that take plenty of abuse from heavy loads, vibrating machinery and forklift traffic. Small cracks can quickly become large costly problems and can create several hazardous conditions and liability concerns. When

Property Management Services

Texas Concrete Restoration can help you with parking lot repair, ADA compliance, waterproofing, interior floor repairs and/or concrete removal and replacement.  TCR is a trusted partner of many of the leading Facility and Property Management firms in North Texas. We offer structural and non-structural concrete repair and restoration solutions.  TCR provides superior workmanship, exceptional customer

Concrete Surface Preparation

Whatever your concrete surface prep needs, Texas Concrete Restoration are the people to call for expert concrete surface preparation.  We offer more surface preparation technologies and expertise than any other contractor. Texas Concrete Restoration always uses the latest machinery, equipment and preparation techniques on every job.  TCR offers an extensive fleet of dustless surface preparation

Cementitious Self Leveling

Cementitious Self Leveling When you need Cementitious Floor Leveling, Texas Concrete Restoration, Inc should be your first contact! Texas Concrete Restoration, Inc offers extensive cementitious floor leveling services. We only use the finest quality product and most up-to-date concrete floor leveling equipment designed for quick turnaround service. Flooring can be installed 16 hours after installation,

Concrete Repair Services

Texas Concrete Restoration is a full-service concrete restoration and repair company with over 50 + years of  combined experience in commercial and industrial concrete floor repair.   TCR repairs concrete cracks, concrete spalling, and joint repair such as stabilization, rebuilding, and sealing.   We have found that most surface damaged concrete can be repaired or restored.

Concrete Pour Backs

TCR specializes in concrete removal & replacement at commercial warehousing facilities and industrial sites. Our approach meets the demands that these types of facilities place on their concrete paving! No job is too big or too small! regardless of whether you have interior concrete repairs or exterior truck court repairs TCR can help! With the