It is important to repair cracked concrete early on. TCR specializes in industrial floor repairs.

Many of our customers have large commercial or industrial facilities that take plenty of abuse from heavy loads, vibrating machinery and forklift traffic. Small cracks can quickly become large costly problems and can create several hazardous conditions and liability concerns.

When floors begin to crack or spall and break apart, the uneven surface becomes a cause of falls and injuries, it can wreak havoc on forklift tires, moisture and debris tend to collect in floor cracks, inviting microbial growth and health concerns and a noticeable decrease in production which also hits our customer’s bottom line.

TCR takes pride in our ability to quickly and reliably remove and replace failed sections of flooring to eliminate flooring hazards. We also specialize in crack repairs to create a seamless transition over cracks.

In addition, TCR has ample experience in repairing damaged concrete around dock door levelers. We also complete vertical repairs on tilt wall panels that have been damaged from trucks or forklifts. TCR can handle any and all your flooring and facility repairs!

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