Jobsite: Petro Truck Stop – Hillsboro,TX

Repair Scenario:  Apply High-Gloss Industrial concrete sealer in shop area. In addition, we dyed concrete in offices and restrooms.

Description:  The first part of this project was to apply high-gloss industrial sealer in shop area of the facility. We used 60/80 metal bond diamonds to open up concrete and remove any surface contaminants or other bond breakers prior to installing high-gloss sealer. After sealer was installed in truck bays we moved on to the second phase of the project. The concrete in the offices and bathrooms were to be stained. The initial application of an acid stain did not achieve desired results so TCR elected to use a solvent-based concrete dye. TCR installed 2 coats of dye to the floor. The final step was to install floor guard product on the floor and burnish the areas with diamond impregnated pads on high-speed propane powered burnisher to achieve desired gloss level. The floor guard product also provides some protection against chemical spills, normal foot traffic, water, etc.